Soup’s on!

Soup so good !! One of the (not so secret) secret ingredients to a rich broth is apple cider vinegar with the mother; it draws out the marrow and the collagen from the bones. The nutritional benefits from the bones are the vitamins and minerals that support skin, hair and nails and then, of course, the added flavor makes sipping the broth a rich heavenly experience. Oh, and did I mention the aroma is¬†totally mind blowing therapy? I cook my broth for 7-12 hours on low heat so it takes time and patience to get the full nutritional value and flavor. I am sooo grateful for the time I am given to create what is important to me. I think peasant food made with love and patience has allowed me to survive 51 years in good health. Thank you, Grandma Marie and Mama June for being Culinary Witches and for teaching me how to create kitchen delights. Everything a woman creates from her sacred heart is a work of art…Image

~ by sandragrifomontimurro on November 18, 2013.

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  1. It is wonderful!!!!!

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